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Saturday, 9th December 2023



Ethnic markets are growing, and increasingly sophisticated, and the UK marketing industry face many challenges to understand the huge power, potential and sophistication of these markets. Of all the ethnic communities in Britain, the Indian community is one of the most economically prosperous and culturally sophisticated. Partnering with Diverse Ethics on the Masala Tour will give your marketing team a leading edge into this market, and help develop sophisitcated products and marketing techniques. It is well known that community marketing requires a sensitive bespoke approach, and the best way to achieve it is not through generic or mass-marketing techniques, but to support and promote a community 'in its own terms'. The Masala Tour has the potential to generate significant new markets and revenues for your organisation.

The facts about Indians living in Britain are staggering - in terms of educational achievement, disposable income, business and entrepreneurial flair, and sheer drive and determination. For any aspiring employer or business, this is a community to network with and penetrate. Here are some figures:

  • In terms of educational achievement at 16, Indian boys have rankings well above the national median.
  • In terms of professional memberships of medicine, law, accountancy, pharmacy, optometry ... Indian membership is way out of proportion to their national population numbers, sometimes as high as ten times the national average.
  • In terms of business and economic performance, Indians in Britain are some of the smartest and most creative entrepreneurs, with not just the billionaires, but also many multi-millionaires. Also many global businesses headquartered in Britain are Indian-owned. The overall contribution of Indian businesses to the economy would easily exceed £10billion annually.
  • On weddings alone, it is estimated that the Indian wedding industry is worth £600 million a year. In food and catering, the Indian contribution to the British economy would range in the billions.

In reality, corporate understanding of this market and its culture and values is very poor, and this tour will help raise the cultural IQ of the country about Indian culture, ethics and way of life.


Sponsorship of the national Masala Tour will bring the following benefits:

  • Help raise the national understanding of the Indian community in Britain and its civic, economic, creative and spiritual contribution
  • Help your organisation show its commitment to diversity and respect for the Indian contribution to your company
  • Raise your sales and recruitment profile among this educated and professional community, with high disposable income
  • Help you to enter a niche and growing market in a subtle and effective way by becoming their promoter and supporter

There are three categories of sponsorship:

Key Partner - The cost of this is negotiable, but one company/organisation will get the top publicity for this trip and it could be named in this logo.

Corporate Sponsor - This costs £5,000 + VAT per sponsor and the name of the sponsor will be displayed prominently on the Masala Tour website where all the reports and blogs will be filed. At the end of the tour, Dr. Atul Shah will personally give a lecture about the tour and its marketing implications for your core team at your offices.

Media Partner - If appointed, you will cooperate fully in the publicity of the tour. There will be only one primary national partner for print, radio and television.

Seed Supporter - This costs £1000 + VAT per organisation, and the funding will play a key role in helping the planning and practical execution of the project, including hiring of a full-time personal assistant. The name of the sponsor will be listed in the website.


Article added on 20th July 2010 at 5:20pm
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