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Sunday, 3rd December 2023


Services - Diverse Ethics
Diverse Ethics Ltd. provide quality training and consultancy in the areas of Diversity, Media and Corporate Social Responsibility. Specifically, we can help your organisation:

  • Training Leaders and Managers to embrace and unleash the huge benefits of Diversity. This can be done by way of interactive workshops and live visits to cultural hotspots in local communities. The feedback we have got from these workshops has been exceptional and very consistent. The learning stays for a long time. Example: Culture Tour for Managers and Leaders
  • Research on Faith and Cultural Diversity in Britain. We have accomplished major reports and books on this subject for clients ranging from the Greater London Authority to the Centre for Excellence in Leadership.Example: GLA Research on Faith Communities in London
  • Draw up a strategy for diversity in recruitment and services. A coherent strategy helps you to maximise the benefits of diversity and ensure clarity in thinking and action. Example: Leadership, Strategy and Culture Change
  • Supplier Diversity Assessment and Certification - We can help your organisation to meet diversity standards of major customers to ensure you retain and win new business.
  • Communications Audit - evaluate the extent to which your organisation appears to be open, relevant and accessible to all target groups and retain existing diverse groups in the workforce.

Additional Services - Diverse Ethics

In addition, we also provide the following:
  • Dr. Atul Shah is an outstanding public speaker on values, culture and business ethics and is available to address a wide range of audiences on this topic.
  • We have excellent contacts with leaders of diverse communities, media and other businesses and know prominent people and organisations in the commercial and non-profit sector.
  • We can organise bespoke culture tours for your organisation to fascinating places - contact us for more information.