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Sunday, 3rd December 2023

Faith and Finance Seminar

Academic's talk aims at the heart of mammon

An Essex University professor is to take part in a multi-faith meeting in the heart of London's square Mile.

The event will host a debate about the decline of faith and morality in the City.

The discussion is taking place tomorrow at St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, a former church dating back to mediaeval times now used for inter-faith dialogue.

At the seminar it will be argued that ethics and conscience have been ousted by the pursuit of wealth.

Speakers will include Professor Sikka of Essex University, who will discuss white-collar crime and the abuse of power.

Other speakers include Dr Atul Shah, chief executive of Diverse Ethics Ltd and author of a forthcoming book on diversity, and Richard Murphy, director of Tax Research, who will talk about the importance of transparency and accountability.

Speaking ahead of the seminar, Dr Shah said: "The City of London has lost its ethics and conscience and instead adopted the religion of money and greed.

"There are some beautiful churches in the city, including St Paul's Cathedral, bu the bankers walk past them.

"It seems all the faith is being placed in a paper currency which has no inherent value - and the people, cultures and the environment have become slaves to money. "

The seminar has been organised by Diverse Ethics Ltd, which specialises in diversity, ethics and communication across cultural and religious boundries. 

Faith and Finance Seminar, Evening Gazette, 1st May 2007