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Sunday, 3rd December 2023

Evening Gazette

Help firms with diversity

Channel Four reality television show Big Brother has bought diversity in to the mainstream spotlight but it's also something that affects businesses, according to a Colchester businessman.

Dr Atul Shah, chief executive of Diverse Ethics and advisor to BBC Religion, explained there are 92 cultures living in Colchester, with 30 per cent of small businesses owned by immigrants.

He believes helping cultures understand each other will enrich people's work and home lives.

The best way to do it is for businesses to experience different cultures, rather than just learn about diversity in the classroom.

He said: &qout;A lot of diversity training is done in the classroom. Information just goes in one ear and out the other, I take people out into the field, it's a different approach."

Dad-of-two Dr Shah, who was born in Kenya and came to England more than 25 years ago achieved a doctorate in economics and accounting before going on to establish Diverse Ethics.


The company also provides training and consultancy services in media and corporate social responsibility.

Dr Shah, who is Indian, regularly takes clients on trips to temples and cultural events to share his knowledge.

He added "No one can be an expert on all the cultures of the world, but what I do is open people's minds about other cultures and how to live with respect." 

Evening Gazette, 20th February 2007 Feature on Dr. Atul Shah and Diverse Ethics