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Saturday, 2nd December 2023


 Below is a link to a BBC/Open University film about faith and climate change delivered at the Commonwealth Foundation in London in November 2009. Here is a short summary of what was said:

Faith and spirituality are keys to embracing the environment and instilling hope about the future among people. However, people are also a large part of the environmental problem, and there is much arrogance among policy makers and leaders who think that man is the only person capable of 'solving' the problem - what is needed is a great dose of humility. The Jain faith has been one of the oldest eco-friendly visions of the planet, and Dr. Shah expands on this here. There is far too much attempt today, to go for a technical fix without having to deal with the ethics and beliefs of individuals living on the planet. That is plain wrong, and Dr. Shah believes that it is possible that the planet could be saved if the human species went extinct - a view which many would find shocking. However, human arrogance and domination of nature has to end for sustainable life to begin.

To view the full five minute BBC/Open University Film Interview, click here