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Sunday, 3rd December 2023

Advice on Social Cohesion

Social Cohesion - Diverse Ethics
As a social enterprise, Diverse Ethics was concerned that the huge cultural wisdom of ethnic minorities was not being used to show positive public policy solutions to Britain. We set up a think tank with a range of members, and obtained funding to produce our first think piece on this huge public policy problem. A book entitled 'Social Cohesion - A Jain Perspective' by Dr. Aidan Rankin and Dr. Atul Shah was published in 2008 and this document will be sent to leaders and policy makers in various fields of public life in Britain. This was pioneering work, and obtained very positive testimonials from eminent people like Prof. Werner Menski of SOAS who wrote " A vital resource for policy advice drawing from an ancient philosophy" and Director of St. Ethelburgas, Simon Keyes said: 
“Jain wisdom speaks to our current debates about “social cohesion” in a most interesting and helpful way. I hope this excellent and accessible booklet will be widely read by policy-makers, activists and anyone concerned with understanding what enables communities to cohere.”

Printed Copies of the document can be ordered from Diverse Ethics at £10 each. A Pdf version can be downloaded for free (see below resources).

If your organisation needs guidance or advice in this area, feel free to Contact Us.

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