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Saturday, 9th December 2023


David Cameron's speech on the above subject today is to be welcomed. He argued for a business community which takes seriously its social responsibility, and encouraged greater mutual ownership of businesses and a reduction in greed and the selfish enterprise. He also emphasised the importance of fairness and equity in the slicing up of the economic profits. There was another direct attack on Bank bonuses, which are now reaching shameful levels.

Britain is a hugely diverse nation, and this diversity also plays an important part in the running and management of business enterprises. Also 20% of all workers come from ethnic minority communities - so they are a significant force in professional and working class Britain. In their employment and business ethics, they bring their own cultural approaches and values. These wisdoms should be welcomed inside organisations and allowed to participate in the dialogue about values and practices. This will enrich the organisation.

Politicians are now being forced by economic circumstances to engage with ethics and values, and although they do not quote from faith traditions, they privately are now conceding that faith communities do showcase good behaviour and ethics generally, and help create a wider conscience among their members. They have a strong culture of volunteering and charity, and these values spill over into their business and social interactions.

At Diverse Ethics, we also are actively engaged in helping organisations to embrace their diversity and dialogue about their ethics and develop practical ethical policies. We have found that employees are often enthusiastic about our advice and welcome diversity as a way of widening the dialogue around company policy and engagement.

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