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Saturday, 2nd December 2023



It is very likely that you have visited exhibitions and museums at some point in your life. It is also likely that you do not have a relative or friend working inside a museum. The sector as a whole is facing a particular challenge with ethnic diversity in their staff, in spite of the fact that they have some of the most diverse collections on the planet! Can you imagine a workplace where you have great art all around you every day? Where all kinds of visitors come, and there are new events and exhibitions happening all the time. Also, have you been to an event where you feel your culture has not been displayed or interpreted correctly, or where the publicity is such that very few ethnic people come to see the event, in spite of its spectacular quality? If so, you can make a difference by taking it personally - get involved!

You have a chance to make a difference. And enjoy your work and thrive in terms of training, career progression and a creative environment. And for those of you who are passionate about culture and heritage, and its preservation, here is a chance for you to express your purpose in life, in a professional and nuturing environment!

We at Diverse Ethics, would like to help build the bridge - and there is a targeted attempt to diversify the workforce. The Museums Association has an informative careers website on all the different types of careers you can embark on. There are bursaries and internships available as well, and so you can even start early whilst at University or College. There is also a very good website called Creative Choices which gives real stories of how people break into these careers, and how they succeed through them.

Also the work varies a lot - there are opportunities for curators, designers, communication experts, as well as for accountants, human resource personnel, management trainees, - a wide range of opportunities depending on the size of the museum and its specialisms. I have personally been fortunate in that I have been seconded to the Board of the Museums, Libraries & Archives Council, which is a major national level organisation helping raise the quality and standards of the sector and influencing policy. The MLA website also has employment opportunities from time to time. Jobs are also advertised on the NMDC website for all the Museums in UK.

 Why not take a look, and meet someone or contact the Museums directly - a new world could open for you, and you could also help open a new world for the Museum!

Article added on 11th February 2010 at 10:44am
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