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Sunday, 3rd December 2023



As an employee, there are a number of ways this site can help you:

  • Understand work culture in Britain and ways of progressing
  • We can keep you informed of your legal rights and ways of getting help in the event of a problem or dispute
  • You have experienced prejudice in getting a job or a promotion, and want to know what to do
  • You want to make a difference, and have creative ideas, but dont know how to influence your peers and bosses
  • You would like to influence the ethics and values of your organisation
  • You wish to help your organisation recognise and celebrate diversity and are looking for practical tips for enabling this
  • Colleagues see your colour and accent, rather than your soul and spirit, and you want them to stretch their minds and remove their fears and prejudices
  • You have to travel abroad for work, and would like to know how to adapt to the new environment

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